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    Quote Originally Posted by dndrich View Post
    Drove to work today with MotionX GPS Drive with instant GPS lock and flawless performance. Verizon iPhone aGPS appears to be unhindered by Verizon, and working perfectly. Such a change from my poor Palm pre that was crippled by Verizon.
    Ditto. I used the Mapquest app and it worked beautifully. I also came from a Palm Pre, and even with the GPS Fix patch, was never this good.

    The other thing I noticed (a bit off topic, but still) is that my pre would always drop, or "skip", on the way to work. I would listen to TuneIn radio and there was a 3 mile stretch (also the most traffic, so takes a while to get through) where it would drop in and out. Today with the iPhone? Not a drop. I had thought it was just that section's coverage. Guess not.
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