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    Default Iphone on sprint?

    Do you think the IPhone will ever come to Sprint or all carriers?
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    I think it will eventually but not in the short term (1-5 years),

    Verizone if they in fact get the iPhone next year will probably pay a great deal to Apple to keep the iPhone only on AT&T and Verizone's.

    it will keep Apple from having the market share that android does (yes I understand that we are talking handsets vs. OSs), But Apple has already demonstrated they can still make more money off of the (for want of a better expression) limited sales.
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    Won't say ever, but as long as sprint keeps up that wimax nonsense, then nope..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Won't say ever, but as long as sprint keeps up that wimax nonsense, then nope..
    From what I heard Wimax 2 will be updated by June of next year. Wimax is not bad, its a lot better then EDGE or god for bid IDEN for that matter. (I used to own an IDEN phone and it was a peace of ****. So glad Sprint is ditching that network in 2013.

    Plus its faster then 3G, and almost at wifi speeds.
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    WIMAX is only legitimate when the conditions are perfect...i tested Clearwire in my area for about a year and it was the worst internet service i ever experienced (and we were in the top rated signal market for the test period)...thank god i had comcast too.

    WIMAX 2 at its core is only a signal boost and tower revamp...you'll still fall to the issues that plagued it before as it is very susceptible to geographic issues as well as other electronic interference.

    It's a FRACTION of high speed wifi connections, seeing under 10mbps at best and averaging 2-4mbps. WIMAX has a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG way to go before its a legitimate outlet for consistent and competitive high speed connection.
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    thanks for the update

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