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    Red face Carriers?

    Has anyone taken into account that they may actually release the new iPhone on multiple U.S. carriers? If it weren't for the small detail of the rest of the world, I would say they could call it the:

    iPhone 3GVZ (Verizon)
    iPhone 3GSP (Sprint)
    iPhone 3GTM (T-Mobile)
    iPhone 3GAT (AT&T)


    just iPhone, because the long-winded endings are getting ridiculous...


    iPhone 4G (Sprint)
    iPhone HD (everyone else)

    This way, they all sound cool while still giving a 4G version to Sprint to rival the HTC Evo 4G (what I'm replacing my abysmal Palm Pre with if iPhone doesn't come to Sprint in some form)
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    I just like "iPhone." The original name always seemed the best.
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    Default Names

    iPhone 4S (because coming after 3GS but it is not 4G yet)
    iPhone 4HD (because of its display and its generation)
    iPhone 4 (because it's a 4th generation and it has 4.0 OS)
    iPhone 4i (just to make you laugh)

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    its gonna be called iPhone 4.0 or either iPhone IV or either iPhone HDS or either iPhone HD
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    iPhone 3.9G
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    iPhone 3GSē
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    iPhone A4
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    Quote Originally Posted by sting7k View Post
    iPhone, nothing else. Everyone knows what 3G is at this point, 4G isn't out. Going back to just plain iPhone. Adding the HD at the end seems kind of corny and unApple.
    So you think they'll call the 3GS iPhone 3GS and the 4th gen just iPhone????
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