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    Default How shock proof is the iPhone ?

    Well, I'll tell you. (This was not voluntary)
    Yesterday I was flying -upside down, top of a loop- open cockpit, yes I know, should have been more careful with my pockets... we parted company at about 3000 feet above Berkshire; it just... flew off, nothing doing, gone before I could react. There I was hoping no one would be at the receiving end.
    Now, for the good news: A friend and I called my number immediately after landing, and... it rang and I could hear myself asking the caller to leave a message. Yes it was working perfectly !!
    I did try and ask O2 if they could triangulate the signals so it could have helped me retrieveing it from some field, but they declined to do so.
    So I am waiting for the replacement.
    Solid build ?
    Know any better ?
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    Your voicemail message is on an o2 server. Otherwise your message would not work when the phone is off

    vm doesn't mean it's still working
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    yeah, unfortunately, the fact that it rang on your end means nothing. i could throw mine in a pool and it would still ring and give voicemail if somone called it. now if you had mobileme, you could find it!
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    Hah! that would be a good mac commercial.. some dude flyin around and drops his iphone and it still works.. !!!

    your phone might pretend to ring but believe me when I say that the iPhone was not built to withstand more than a toddler throwing it against things..MUCH LESS a 3000 foot drop to WhoTF knows where.. unless by some miracle it hit a pillow, that was on top of a bed, on top of another bed, 2800 feet above ground.
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    I doubt it's in one piece...sorry man.

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