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    Default Icon organization

    You know, I really wish there were an easier way to organize and move icons.

    I wish you could move multiple icons at once. Or move a whole page.

    I wish you could sort alpahbetically, or by use, or by most recently used.

    I wish you could create shortcuts to different pages.

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    I could really go for sorting by the most often used. That would save me a lot of trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjvitek View Post
    I wish you could create shortcuts to different pages.
    You can if you jailbreak. SpringJumps provides exactly that functionality.
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    I sort by what I most regularly use without jailbreaking. It takes about 10 minutes to organize icons. Lol

    And with spotlight it makes it easy to search, I barely even scroll past the first page anymore
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    There is an app for that when you jailbreak it. I choose not to jailbreak my 3g S so I just have to be happy with organizing them myself until someone comes out with a non jailbreaking app for that.
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    or until apple releases something for it...hopefull 3.1.2?

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    Maybe we will get the ability to sort in the next update...I thought I remember seeing somewhere that with the 3.0 update we would be able to arrange icons using itunes...?
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    We don't need the ability to Sort, what we need is what Tramain mentions, categories.

    Preferably user maintainable categories as well as standard ones.

    If Apple does it their way, it will end up looking like the APP store categories and you can kiss any hope of finding anything goodbye.

    Take a look at menuing (start bar) structure for any Linux system. Its all by categories, (Functions).

    The whole concept of Multiple Screens full of Icons needs a total re-write. It probably can't just be tossed out, because the fear of change would have users wailing. But An OPTIONAL menu system based on categories makes a lot of sense.
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    Once we jailbreak, we have lot of options to organize our icons, as ScottUrman said above.
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    It would be awesome if you could arrange them from your computer. That would be one heck of an idea actually.

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    I like the "arrange from iTunes" idea.

    There are some us of that absolutely refuse to jailbreak despite all of the advantages that some of you keep touting.

    Just to balance the scales. @ new users- jailbreaking does not come without it's own set of risks. If your interested in JB then please do a lot of research before you dive in. Then, if you still want to, be prepared to accept anything that could happen to your phone.

    There are lots of articles, for and against. So make an informed decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duvi View Post
    It would be awesome if you could arrange them from your computer. That would be one heck of an idea actually.
    I wholeheartedly agree.

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