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    Default There's a Glass Screen Coming Out

    Hi everyone

    Just today I noticed that in one of the corners, the glass screen on my iPhone 3G is raised significantly, and the little rubber lining is protruding as well.

    I tried pushing down on it, but it doesn't stay down. I

    s there anything I can do about this? I'm afraid of breaking it, and I don't think Apple would repair something like that for me
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    Get it back to an Apple store or from wherever you originally obtained it! Providing it's still under warranty I would have thought you'd get a replacement.
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    It's really weird... every day you have some new major issue... and you were getting rid of your phone a while ago... Hmmm
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    I noticed my iPhone looked like this about two weeks after I got it. When I went with my mom to purchase her iPhones, I had them look at it for me. Well, the guy that was selling the phones to my mom took it and had a Genius look at it. He came back and said that it wasn't a problem. Honestly, I think they were just shoving me aside because this was still a time when the iPhone was selling out daily and they were VERY busy. I didn't personally talk to a genius. Big mistake.

    Fastforward to a couple months ago. I was cleaning my iPhone and I swore that I felt and heard my screen click. I figured I was just hearing things. It happened again last week and I figured out the "trick" to making it click. Well, I went to the Apple store this weekend and got it replaced. I told him that I was concerned about the rubber when I first got the phone and that I think that's what is causing the click. Well, the first guy who looked at my phone didn't document that I had it looked at. So, the Genius from this weekend wad hesitant to believe me since I did have a ding on the plastic. He said he could put the blame on me, but was nice and gave me a refurb anyway.

    Anyway, all this to say that I think you should take it to the Apple store and at least have them document it. That way if you have problems in the future, they can't blame you. But I honestly believe they'll replace it for you anyway.

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