So I have to now Factory Jailbreak my 3gs in order to upgrade the ios from 4.0 to 6.1. My phone was jailbroken via Cydia to 4.0 last year. Idiotic Facebook has upgraded to where you need at least 4.3 to use their app or the mobile website. As of now it keeps crashing and I am facebook-less and I need it for work.

So there's a guy that will do the factory jailbreak and upgrade my ios for $35.

My question is... the backup/restore on itunes.

I have backed up my iphone on itunes.

If I do the factory jailbreak and hook my phone back up to itunes and do a Restore from Backup --- is that even possible b/c the phone will now be running on a higher ios?

I'm really just concerned about my text messages and am too lazy to download a whole other program to save them if I don't have to...

Thoughts? Easy Solutions? An answer?

Thanks so much!!!!