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    Default 3GS rebuild

    Hey guys I had a friend try to change the back housing got about 90 percent and realized he attempted more than he was able to ... I have done most repairs but never a 3GS complete housing I looked for some videos but none show me step by step how to put it back together .. Normally not a big deal except I got handed a bag of screws and 3GS parts lol so I didn't take it apart
    screws are not mapped out nothing ,
    does anyone know a site with a good reassembly how to video ? Any help I would appreciate
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    look for a site with a good teardown and follow the instructions backwards.
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    Try youtube. I hear that is a rather hairy beast to disassemble and reassemble, that came from someone who fixes iPhones and iPads for a living.... Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peligro911 View Post
    does anyone know a site with a good reassembly how to video?
    iFixit is the place for you
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    I got it thanks guys wasn't so bad i finished the case swap an all is good its not so bad until it gets to that dang ribbon cable lol I fix them too on the side to make money lol I've done iPhone 4 and 3G and now 3GS I haven't tried a iPad yet but doesn't seem hard at least you got more room to work with lol here is the finished product Went from white to chrome

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    Another one for you guys diff 3GS motherboard is bowed and made screen rise up ( battery probably expanded ) I never seen this so thought I would share I haven't pulled the board to see if it will go flat again yet lol

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    Check out iRepairFast, they have a blog with a teardown...

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