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    Quote Originally Posted by tiptapgames View Post

    what do you think is better? buying now a 3gs? or waiting for the 4g?


    I CAN NOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. Seriously. It's going to be out in only a few weeks!!!

    Also, another thing I'd advise is NOT reviving old threads! Haha.
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    I would definitely wait. The 3GS will be cheaper if you don't want the 4th gen. It's only 2 weeks til the announcement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by easyrun99 View Post
    I attempted to switch to the Droid because Verizon has better/more consistent coverage in my area, but I guess the iPhone spoiled me...the Droid is simply too much work and not extremely intuitive...but that's just me. I'm back to my iPhone.
    I tried too as Verizon as 3G in my area and at&t does not. But after two weeks I am back on my iPhone (this happened in December around it's launch) But I will say that after roughly 2.5 years of having an iPhone, things are getting somewhat stale and boring. Looking into other options right now while I await the announcement of the new iPhone HD
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