Hi guy, sorry if this question has already been answered but i have been unsuccessful in finding anything related to my query.

Apparently what happens is that i play a non-iTunes downloaded file on moliplayer (You transfer files without having iTunes involved, actually via FTP) which is a 720p AAC 48000 bitrate and 1280 x (anything) resolution and the quality and sound look brilliant but then after 5 min or so the video frames freeze but the audio keeps on going, if i fast forward to another scene, still the same issue with video frozen but audio fine and when i go at the very beginning of the movie, it all works fine but then freezes at the same time.

Sorry if i haven't explained to you properly but please feel free to ask any questions about it. It's really annoying because i have been able to play files previously without any issue but in a totally different format.

Many thanks in advance