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    Default iCloud security / email association bug

    I don't know where to post this to alert you - the iMore team and the community, but i think its the best place.

    I hope you'll be able to verify this - this might be a little bug, but it may also be a big deal which affects purchased items.

    But let's start from begining:

    >> What it is? <<
    It's a bug on the iCloud, iTunes store and apple ID, which assigns your account to other, random email adresses.

    >> How does it work? <<
    The bug occour when you restore your iPhone (probably other iOS device too) using iCloud backup. When you choose desired backup to restore, you'll be promted to enter your Apple ID email and password. But then, you'll be flooded with pop-ups to enter password(s) to other, email adresses, which you never seen before, and which do not belong to you. (I;ve been promted to enter password to 9 unknown emails, from various countries and domains).
    Moreover, when you look at id.apple.com you'll notice that everything is allright, and only your email adress is associated with the ID.

    Also afterwards, when photos, music and apps are being downloaded/synced with the iDevice, the popup to enter password(s) to uknown email adress(es) shows as well.

    I dont know yet how this bug may affect your purchased items.

    >>>>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<<<
    I've contacted apple support by email - they asked me to contact by phone with technical support.
    While contacting by phone, technican has verified that there was no direct ingeretion to my account. Althought he couldn't explain why this issue has occoured, He confirmed that this probably has been caused by some bug on the iCloud.
    He asked me also to make a screenshot and send it directly to him next time I'll be promted to provide password to unknown apple ID.

    Becouse he didn't forwarded this issue to future investigation, becouse on both account and server side everything looks alright, I hope that someone from the iMore will look closer to this
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    Default Re: iCloud security / email association bug

    I've never encountered such a thing, and I am quick to restore and set up my device as new if I notice anything suspicious. In this case, I highly recommend you do the same or at least notify an Apple Genius or customer service.
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    Default Re: iCloud security / email association bug

    I restored my phone using iCloud backup a few hours ago without problems.
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    Default Re: iCloud security / email association bug

    To the OP: if you are really experiencing this kind of thing, I would urge you to contact your local Apple Store and have a genius take a look. I have never heard of such a thing. I have not experienced anything that you are describing.

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