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    Default Frequent Locations, Battery Life, and Usefulness

    If you are using "Frequent Locations" please tell me how your battery life on iOS 7 is compared to either iOS 6 or iOS 7 with frequent locations turned off. I was having some battery issues on my iPhone 5, had the battery swapped under warranty (tests showed it had multiple bad cells), and after running for 2 weeks and feeling good about my battery, I'm ready to turn back on either Apple's Frequent Locations or Google Now's Location Sharing. I like the usefulness of Google Now (I also use Android devices) but I hate that since it's keeping location services active all the time, I can't see when other apps are using location services. The advantage to Apple's frequent locations is it won't show the arrow lit up since it's the system using location services. The thing is, when I was running Apple's Frequent Locations, I never got anything useful out of it. I never once saw anything in the Today portion of the Notification panel. I still used the feature to see my past places (far too many steps to get to it too--why bury this in settings so deep?).

    If tracking your location (Apple's tracking it anyway, it's just whether or not you see the results) is helpful to you, do you prefer Frequent Locations or Google Now location sharing? How bad of a hit have you seen in battery life? I'd prefer to use Apple's service, at the expense of my husband and other Android family members and close friends being able to see my location) since it doesn't mask other apps use of location services, but I'm just seeing no point based on my last experience. I didn't get anything useful out of it.
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    Default Re: Frequent Locations, Battery Life, and Usefulness

    Mine tells me how long it will take me to get to work in the morning and how long to get home in the afternoon. So yes it is useful. It did take a few weeks of this regular pattern for it to start showing up. I have not noticed any battery life issues from having it on.
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    Default Re: Frequent Locations, Battery Life, and Usefulness

    I think the battery is great on the 5s. I have everything turned on and I mean everything.



    Location services with everything on

    Google Now


    Auto brightness on and set to around 40% (this screen is extremely bright)

    Push on

    Calendar set to push

    Email set to manual

    A few calls and texts throughout the day

    Facebook ( of course :-P )

    Restored phone from backup

    Unless I'm Watching videos or playing games like Asphalt 8 this I my typical battery life.
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