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    Default iTunes Radio Custom Stations Bug?

    I have been using mostly the precreated genre stations on iTunes Radio but I just noticed a possible bug with a custom artist station I created. I created and then added more artists under the 'Play More Like This' header. I ended up with 27 artists in total. When I then go to play the station it doesn't do anything no matter how many times I tap on the station. (Doesn't play in iTunes 11.1 either.)

    As a workaround I started deleting the added artists. When I got down to only 13 artists in the list it played as normal.

    Has anybody else seen this?

    (Also, just noticed this...I hit 'Never Play This Song' on a song and it came on again two songs later.)
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    Default Re: iTunes Radio Custom Stations Bug?

    I think the 13 artists thing is by design thus far... and the 'never play' thing may be just a bug going on with roll-out... however - iTunes in my library will sometimes play at least two items from the same album back to back when playing music in shuffle... so maybe it's a 'nature of the beast' thing??
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    Default Re: iTunes Radio Custom Stations Bug?

    Really, REALLY dumb limitation, and not documented anywhere I can find.

    If it is a true "feature" and not a bug, why is there no "You have added the maximum number of artists to your station" warning/error dialog? This is a version 0.9 problem on a released product--not good.
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    Default Re: iTunes Radio Custom Stations Bug?

    I ran just ran into the same bug with 27 artists added to my custom station. It would not play until the number of artists was paired back to 13. Thank you for sharing your experiment!
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    Default Re: iTunes Radio Custom Stations Bug?

    My custom station is working well with 22 artists now. After cutting artists to 13, I added back artists only a couple at a time. The custom station failed to work when I added 20 odd artists at once. It is weird but works when only a few arists are added at each edit.

    Thank you for the inspiration. 😄

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