1. James Falconer's Avatar
    @Buckeye2009 - glad we're able to help you out!
    Buckeye2009 likes this.
    04-20-2017 09:00 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    I joined iMore—known as TiPB at the time—to enter a contest some years back. I later became more involved as I entered the iOS ecosystem and needed help. You all sucked me in!
    04-20-2017 11:18 AM
  3. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Found it back in 2008 because of Crackberry where I was at from 2007 and on.
    04-20-2017 01:10 PM
  4. fourthbase's Avatar
    Found it through Google like most others. The cool name and nice UI is what initially made me take a second look. None of my friends really care for nerdy tech stuff so it's good to come here and read / discuss about the latest screen's Apple are using etc!
    04-20-2017 03:33 PM
  5. akutch34's Avatar
    Just wondering (for all the newbies, or heck, old-timers!) what brought you here to our community? Did you find us via Google? Did the front page stories draw you in? Did a community member invite you over to start partaking in the discussion?

    Let me know - curious to find out how you ended up here!
    Was originally looking for a good android forum when I had my Galaxy S3. Stayed on Android Central for years until 2015 when I finally switched over to iPhone.
    04-20-2017 09:36 PM
  6. kataran's Avatar
    I was a webOSnation regular and when I switched to iPhone it was a no brainer.

    Mobilenation is the best Forum on the internet
    04-21-2017 10:40 AM
  7. eve6er69's Avatar
    As a crackberry person i knew of TIPB back in the day, when i switched to android i kept an eye on all mobile OS's and then i bought an iphone. this is my new home now. haha
    04-21-2017 12:28 PM
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