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    Default The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    The Galaxy S5 has just launched to what can best be summed up as a collective "that's nice..." from the media and the industry at large. Much as last year's Galaxy S4 was jokingly referred to as the Galaxy S3S, this year that's already been recycled to Galaxy S4S (Galaxy S3S2?). Apple suffers from this as well. The reason S3S or S4S are jokes is because of Apple's biennial "S" branding, where every second year's iPhone delivers a mostly internal upgrade to the last. It's a reflection of the times in which we live. All the major operating systems have already rebooted. The smartphone revolution that begun in 2007 has stabilized into a steady evolution. And that has consequences. Last year, shortly before Samsung's Galaxy S4 event, I wrote about the "iPhone 5s" problem. Now Samsung and the Galaxy S5 have a much bigger problem, even if it is months away... the iPhone 6.

    Full story from the iMore Blog...
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    Default Re: The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    Nice post, it is really informative. thanks for Posting, and keep it up with the similar informative post in future.
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    Default Re: The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    I like how all the specs of the S5 has improved on the S4, but it's not a huge difference or upgrade. I have always joked that iPhones have been getting incremental upgrades and the Samsung Galaxy series seems to be following suit.

    Probably not getting it, because I'm happy with a 5 inch phone but they just had to increase it a little, those big screen loving designers...
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    Default Re: The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    If one is a diehard Samsung fan that is due for an upgrade but doesn't care for the Note 3 or Mega this S5 may not look too offensive.

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    Default Re: The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    Just like desktops & laptops, smartphones are starting to level out on design... Specs are also starting to level out... It's now all down to software. The next step is custom smartphones where you can swap parts like storage, screens, chassis, processor, ram, graphics chip, battery. History will repeat itself...

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    Default Re: The 'Galaxy S5' problem

    All companies are slowly pushing. but soon enough their is not enough to push. I think this is what we are seeing in today's tech....

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