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    Default Reading binary file into array


    I want to read binary file on my iPhone.
    I have .txt file witch store information about array: int[6000][9]
    How can I put this data into array in my code?

    I tried this:
    	int mapa1[6000][9];
    	NSFileHandle* file = [NSFileHandle fileHAndleForReadingAtPAth: @"level1.txt"];
    	[[file readDataOfLength:4] getBytes:mapa1];
    	mapa1 = NSSwapLittleIntToHost(mapa1);
    But on the last line I receive error: "Incompatible types in assigment"
    So I don't know how to copy this binary file into the array...

    Can someone help me?
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    I'm not familiar with this specific code but i do notice a coupe of possibilities:

    usually in objective C file names are referenced by name and then type, not with dot notation


    NSFileHandle* file = [NSFileHandle fileHandleForReadingAtPath: @"level1" ofType: @"txt"];

    also, watch your capitals HAndle instead of Handle.
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    You might try looking at NSData initWithContentsOfFile and the bytes property.
    You could also parse the file and populate the array manually.

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