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    Default want to make physical button a trigger for a function in my app. Possible?

    Hello wise people,

    I'm currently working on an app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, but for now, I'm just inquiring about iPhone. (FYI, I'm an ideas guy; not an actual programmer, so please don't use too many syllables)

    I desperately need the ability to incorporate the physical button from the iPhone headphones, into my app. So that, while my app is running, if the user clicks and holds the button for a designated amount of time, it triggers a specific function in my app. (as opposed to the functions it currently triggers in the apple API)

    As you're aware, the button currently triggers functions within the standard iPhone API. Is it possible, within a third party app, for the app to utilize that button for its own purposes?

    (If not, I must say that's incredibly infuriating and slightly fascistic, for a perfectly usable and highly useful external button to be in all the user's pockets, yet developers have no access to it)

    Or, if it is impossible to use the headphones-button to launch a function in a 3rd party app, is it at least possible to purchase some sort of third party (or apple) physical button which can be incorporated into an app?

    Hopefully I've been clear. In other words, is there a physical, external button product on the market which somehow connects to the iPhone, (perhaps via bluetooth) which the user can clip to their belt, and while my app is running, this button triggers a function within my app, when pressed?

    If any of you kind people can help me with this urgent question, you will literally save my app.

    Thanks so much in advance!!!!!

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    im a little high, but i know it is possible because i have seen physical keypad extensions and other things of that sort, but i would know where to start looking. sorry pal. if i run across anything in the future i will be sure to send u a pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by grkboy782 View Post
    im a little high, but i know it is possible because i have seen physical keypad extensions and other things of that sort

    I'm sure you've seen a lot of things while high...
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    if it's in the API you can do it. start reading

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