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    Default Re: Your Choice: Microsoft vs Apple vs Google

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHRCC View Post
    Curious why you felt the need to point out "Windows" in relation to his comments about peripherals...OS X has the exact same support in this regard.

    It's also curious that people are discrediting the iPad Pro's ability to hang with devices like the Surface Pro before the thing has even hit the shelves. There was a comment made about how you can't run full feature software on the iPad...but the apps in development, in terms of graphics development, are on par with any "full feature" software of the same type...Affinity Suite, if paired with a precision tablet function, would be an incredible tool in this field.

    You can run all the "full feature" software you want to, but if it doesn't do any particular function well, what's the point? The Surface Pro can run the PC version of photoshop, but it doesn't do it all that well, and the pen interface and performance is not optimal at all...so if the iPad Pro can (and that is still a big IF since we don't know) do graphic design with superior precision on a mobile app, how is that a "fault" compared to a device who runs a full feature software but doesn't do it all that well for the same purpose?
    That's not true. There are a lot of peripherals that only have Windows drivers, and there are a lot of older peripherals where the Windows Vista/XP driver installs and functions fine on Windows 10, but the Mac Driver is for a 5-7 year old OS revision and it doesn't function at all on OS X. My Nostrum n52 is a good example of that. Works flawlessly on Windows, but it's now useless on OS X because the drivers were not updated past Windows Vista and whatever version of OS X was around at that time. I ended up having to buy a whole other gamepad (for $80), just for my Mac.

    The previous gamepad is still in great condition. I've been using it with Windows since 2007. Every single version from XP to Vista to 7 to 8.x to 10 has continued to function with it.

    Of course if you limit yourself to only the very obvious things (like Keyboards, Mice, Printers, and obvious stuff like that), then I guess you're slightly correct. Slightly.

    With Windows you don't even look at the packaging because you know as long as the thing had at least an XP or Vista driver there's about a 99.8% chance that it will install and run flawlessly on any subsequent version of Windows. I do a lot of research before I buy peripherals for my iMac by comparison.
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