1. libra89's Avatar
    It's kind of funny. The more the iPhone and other devices advance the less I seem to want out of a phone. Apparently the average person glances at their phone or checks their phone 150 times per day for about a minute. That's 2.5 hours. That's a lot of time especially when it doesn't consider more than a 1 minute glance check in.

    So my iPhone 7 128GB is ready to be sold. I have officially removed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from my life. I'm am a heavy LinkedIn user and like the forums. Not a huge camera and picture guy.

    I can get about $600 cash for my iPhone 7 and buy an SE for $449 and have $150 left over. It makes sense. I don't need the screen real estate. I just need phone, email, text and a few apps.

    Yea, so I'm thinking the SE is a good fit to change things up. Only issue is a work issued 6s. Having 2 different size phones and keyboards can be annoying.
    Maybe make a list of pros and cons. Good luck with your decision!
    01-26-2017 09:09 AM
  2. PhoneDr's Avatar
    So when the SE first came out I had a 6s work issued and a 6s for personal use. I went to the SE for personal use and loved it. Then the 7 came out and I jumped to the 7. For me based on my phone needs the only con and I mean this is typing on two different size keyboards. Between work and personal I'm good for 200+ emails, 500+ texts a day easy. So sometimes as silly as it sounds the muscle memory makes going from the 6s/7 keyboard to the SE Keyboard slightly difficult. Crazy, but again I'm finally a phone minimalist where I only need email, text, calls but no way I could give up keyboard, and go back to flip, etc.
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    01-26-2017 07:53 PM
  3. ChadLyons's Avatar
    I am actually in the opposite boat, so to speak. I started off with an iphone 4 and then upgraded to the 4s. After that i joined the samsung galaxy family but have found my way back with the new iPhone 7. I attribute my switch back to the fact that it was easier to integrate my iMac and other devices with the use of my phone. As opposed to having to download an android file reader on my computer simply to access my files. This is not a knock on other devices but simply saying that the iPhone works best with the setup I have
    02-24-2017 05:10 PM
  4. Kansiluy's Avatar
    Many people say need tools to complete the task, in my opinion , switch iPhone to Android or iPhone via a cable
    03-07-2017 07:32 AM
  5. roonirohn's Avatar
    I had an android phone two years back than i switch to apple Iphone 5. Now I am again comming back to android, Oneplus 3.

    Its a good phone with all features which I want.
    03-10-2017 09:18 AM
  6. ChrisS9938's Avatar
    I'm very close. I have a 6, I'm not spending $1000 or more on a phone, and if the 7s plus is exactly like the 7 plus with some better features, I'm out. Probably to the G6 or S8, depending on what the other big Android companies put out. How can Apple win me back with the 7s? 5.5 inch OLED display or the industries best LCD display. A larger LCD display. Now that the home button is capacitive, it could be squashed a bit, and there is a lot of room at the top. I would buy a 7s plus with a 5.8 inch display. A super-huge battery, quick charging, and some of the features, like facial recognition, that are coming on the "edition". On the OS side, an app drawer! I know, its the most android of android features, but I use a Pixel C at work and its incredibly handy to have the dozen or so apps I use heavily on the desktop and the rest in a convenient file. Also, Apple's had the same interface since it started! It's familiar, but its also behind the times.
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    03-19-2017 10:41 PM
  7. Edwin Jacob's Avatar
    I have a 6S and I have been using iPhones for the last 6 years. Though the ecosystem is not as closed off as it used to be, its still lets me down a lot as I like to customize the phone to my liking. I have always jailbroken all my iDevices except for the 6S. Once the phone is jailbroken, its almost perfect (sometimes buggy but still great).

    I got my wife the OnePlus 3T and that phone is pretty awesome except for the kinda crappy speakers. If the anniversary iPhone is gonna be very similar to last years phone then I think I will be switching to an Android phone next year.
    03-22-2017 10:16 PM
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