1. DebbieBugezia's Avatar
    Hello! After 4/1 my iPhone 6s and iPad Mini 2 will not auto backup to iCloud. iPad will allow manual backup but the phone will not. Apple even replaced my phone after multiple attempts by support troubleshooting. Apple support has now escalated to engineers after multiple times of erasing, remoting into my phone, and are stumped as to why it won't back up. Neither device will auto backup. iPad will allow manual back up. Phone will not do either. I can do backup to iTunes and restore from iTunes also.

    Previous iPhone updated to 10.3 and both support and I can see 4/1 backup. New iPhone, updated to 10.3.1, will not recognize I have a 4/1 backup in cloud and has never backed up either.

    Heard of any cases like this or have any suggestions? I've tweeted with Lori also and she's reported no iCloud issues after update.

    Thanks for your time and love the new app. Especially the yellow!
    04-11-2017 06:02 AM
  2. robertk328's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore @DebbieBugezia !

    I'm not sure all the things you tried with Apple help but have you tried deleting the old backups in iCloud? I know in other cases a corrupt backup in iCloud would not delete so a new backup couldn't be created. You can get to the backups in iOS 10.3 by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud then look under iCloud for the Manage Storage option. You should be able to delete the old backup(s) there.

    Doesn't explain why the iPad won't auto backup (yet does manually) but try deleting both that are in there and see how that works.
    04-13-2017 04:31 AM

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