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    I just upgraded to iOS 10.3, on my iPhone 7, and did not have this issue *before* my update. Now, I have it all the time- and it is not always battery dependant (although, the change zoom trick always works-temporarily).

    So, not only did the update not resolve the problem for all owners, but it created a problem for many of us.

    Stupid Jobs. Why did he have to go and die?! Now we're left with 'betaware' forever. (Lesson on this is to never try and cure cancer with lettuce...)
    Try Reset All Settings.
    Reset All Settings
    Go to Settings >General >Reset >Reset All Settings. This resets to default everything in Settings, including notifications, alerts, brightness, and clock settings like wake up alarms.
    04-22-2017 06:28 PM
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    I have same problem. My 7+ does dims automatically. Just had last 7+ replaced for speaker issues. So new 7+ running 10.3.1 and it dims so dramatically I can barely read the screen. Happens even if phone plugged in. i was below 50% yesterday playing Pokémon Go and it didn't dim. Genius at the bar thought it was some app I had doing it. But it did it in front of genius at the bar with no app running or in the background. Dimmed so low could barely read it.
    04-29-2017 02:41 PM
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