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    Wink Tmobile iPhone 5c or AT&T iPhone 5c based on coverage and reliability

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and I am being told this is a great forum area to ask questions and get reputable answers. My question would be in regards to suggestions from people on either network and whom maybe are using iPhone 5c or 5s. I'm currently with Tmobile for business, however in the past 2 years I was on a contract with them, having an HTC One S devices there were a lot of areas outside of Buffalo (where I live) that I simply didn't get any service, same goes for being in a building, etc.. I was with Verizon before and it was great, no matter how far outside the city I was.

    Now since my contract is up with Tmobile and they gladly send me a new device (iPhone 5c) I'm wondering if I should stay or go with someone like AT&T especially that I can get a 22% discount with AT&T on their plans. Never been with AT&T, I know that their bad image with iPhone is for the dropped calls, etc..

    Not really sure what to do, anyone have any suggestions for me? Seems that the iPhone 5c performs little better on the TMobile network so far, since it uses probably a better antenna then HTC put in.

    All suggestions welcome.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Default Re: Tmobile iPhone 5c or AT&T iPhone 5c based on coverage and reliability

    Poll your family, friends, and work acquaintances who are in the areas where you want to use your phone the most and find out what provider(s) they're using, and what complaints they have - and go with the carrier that has the most users and fewest complaints in the places you want to use your phone the most.
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    Default Tmobile iPhone 5c or AT&T iPhone 5c based on coverage and reliability

    I'm with T-Mobile and I have been for years. I've used the iPhone on their service since the very first iPhone and I don't have any complaints. I have noticed on my HTC phones, including the newest HTC one, that I don't get as good of service with it as I do with my iPhone. That is probably because of the bands on HTC. AT&T has a lot of blocked areas, just as T-Mobile does, just depends on where you are. For instance, my godparents live in Charlotte. I get great service in their home, but they're with AT&T and they get poor service. As my peer said above, ask your friends and family how their service is. I know they won't be in the same buildings as you but it might help you decide.

    I'm not sure how you are with data, but I like unlimited data. If AT&T had that, and I had a 22% discount.... I would probably go that route! But all and all 22% is a nice discount.

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