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    Default Apple Watch vs. Fitbit in combination with MyFitnessPal and the discrepancies in total calories burned.

    Since a week I'm the happy owner of an Apple Watch. I love it. The biggest difference with my Fitbit Charge HR is not the options or the size of the screen but the calorie counter. Where Fitbit has a constant reading of HR, the Apple Watch does this in intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. This results in lower active energy calories every day.

    For example when I am at work, at the end of the day I've set 16k steps and in Fitbit that was projected as ~4000 calories, whereas the Apple Watch projects ~2200 calories.

    If I look in Health and sum up my active and resting energy I get a much higher number than projected in MyFitnessPal. Here is an example for last Tuesday.

    This is what's projected in MFP:

    And if you sum up the active and resting energy calories in Health app, you get a higher number:

    The total sum of those two is 2602 and as you can see in the first screenshot, MFP says 2342. I wonder why the missing 260 calories isn't projected .

    I checked MFP settings and it's set to my Apple Watch for steps:

    Has anybody else using MFP experienced these discrepancies?

    Anyone with a possible solution?
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    Default Re: Apple Watch vs. Fitbit in combination with MyFitnessPal and the discrepancies in total calories

    Just got an Apple Watch Series 2 myself and noticed this exact same discrepancy when using MFP... did you find out anything else or figure out a solve? Just curious, thanks!

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