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    Default Re: Apple TV: 2 weeks in

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Just picked one up on sale. It's much faster than atv3. Siri, you have to get used to. Will pick up a game controller later. And will get Plex or something similar going. Entering passwords and such wasn't as painful as I'd imagined. And I have to hope the kids don't break or lose the remote.

    Apps take getting used to as well such as netflix which has changed its UI...not sure for the better or not. Will need time.

    On search in general, is there any way to block itunes store stuff? I just want to search the free streaming apps or my itunes library.
    Siri is much better once you learn all the things you can say. I downloaded the tv user guide from the iBookstore and learned quite a few things I hadn't seen other people talking about.

    As far as blocking iTunes you mean get try Restrictions. I don't know if that'll work. However,  prioritizes services you already have a subscription to before iTunes content. Of course right now that only works with the major services.
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    Default Re: Apple TV: 2 weeks in

    Target has the 32Gb on sale for $112 and the 64Gb for $149, so 25% off. Just picked up a 64Gb because my local Target was out of 32GB model. This is my first ATV. Haven't gotten home to get it going yet, but will tonight.
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    Default Re: Apple TV: 2 weeks in

    Have had mine since November 2. Love it! Can't wait until Apple finally announces their channel servies. The Apple TV has so much untapped potential right now. If I can get AMC and my local channels through Apple I will definately ditch Dish Network!
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    Default Re: Apple TV: 2 weeks in

    You know I tend to agree with you. I don't think the worst product ever, but I'm disappointed. Some things I have noticed so far:

    Apples own remote app doesn't work

    Siri is very limited it doesn't even control music

    No dictation in search which sucks since the remote app doesn't work so I have to peck for everything

    No podcast app

    Still no solution to logging in. You literally have to log in app by app

    All these little things make up to user experience. Apple usually pays attention to details like this. Honestly this seems like it was rushed to market before it was ready.
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    Default Re: Apple TV: 2 weeks in

    I bought it, then regretted it,..... I may try it again, but for now sticking with Apple TV 3. I have no use for apps on a TV,,, I have an iPad for that. Siri on TV just doesn't work for me neither....... i don't even like talking to an iPhone.
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