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View Poll Results: How many cases have you had over the lifetime of an average iOS device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhearne86 View Post
    4+ for me! I got an Otterbox Commuter first, then the free bumper. I went naked for a while and then got the BookBook. I liked it, but now use a Magpul case, which fits it well and is inexpensive compared to the rest of mine ($10).

    I ordered my 4S on Monday and happened across a post about Lifeproof cases. Looked pretty impressive, sleek, IP68/Mil-Spec rated...needless to say, it's ordered. I work in a machine shop and cringe when I think about not having my iPhone. Can't wait to go fishing and get some video underwater of us releasing some fish.
    How was the bumper? I have heard some conflicting reports. Did it fit well? Did it scratch your phone?

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    Tried 2 more cases for my 4S besides the first two that I listed and I'm currently waiting on another Speck case which I think will be the one that I use the Most. Two of the other cases that I tied from Speck pulled my screen saver off.
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    On my 4th case for the 4s apple bumper,otterbox defender,incipio case,vapor aluminum bumper case.

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    Just one case (iSkin) but I'm not liking my screen protector (it's coming off in the corner) so I may need to replace that.
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    I have owned and returned a lot of different cases. I'm always hunting for that PERFECT one.

    Right now I have Still
    Incase slider black
    Incase perforated slider white
    Incase snap case black
    Otterbox defender black
    Apple bumper black
    Cheap livestrong case from radio shack

    Honestly my favorite case has to be the incase slider case. It's such a low profile and feels perfect when typing on it. I recommend it over any case I've owned.

    Have had: candy shell, bookbook, juice pck air, slider pro, POP case, incipio NGP, otterbox commuter.

    If anybody has any questions about the cases or why I returned the ones I did let me know and I'll gladly respond.
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    iPhone 4s is my first IOS product. So far I have had 3 cases. I bought the LifeProof case when I first got the phone. Got it at Best Buy only because the rep. gave me 20% off on it. It was too much bulk for me. That and the touchscreen wasn't as responsive as it should of been. Next I got the Incipio feather... loved the thinness of the case. I am currently using ElementCase Vapor Pro Black Ops edition... Love this one. Was able to get it on Amazon for half the price. Dont see myself changing cases for awhile.
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    I've got the Magpul Executive Field Case in black, orange, and flat dark earth. I haven't seen another case that matches up to my likes as well as the Magpul case.
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    I guess I have the case that was given as a gift when I bought my 4.

    I haven't ever used it.
    Nor have I ever bought a case.
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    I've had several...too many to remember actually, but I keep mine in two categories...protective for work, and thin for using in my pocket other times.

    1- Ballistic HC (by FAR the most protective case for the money I have personally tried)
    2-Seidio Rugged Combo (close 2nd, just not a huge fan of the holster)
    3-Otterbox Defender (looks good, nowhere near the most protective as some people seem to think..and the holster is terrible)

    Normal use:
    1-Moshi iGlaze 4 (thin, looks good)
    2-Speck Fitted snap together case (camo)
    3-Shell/Holster combo from Verizon
    4-Otterbox Commuter (irritating when using in your pocket because of lint)
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